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How do I update my subscription meals?

Login, it will show active Subscription, you can edit your upcoming order and save 

Please note: One time Orders and subscription orders can not be edited 48 hours before the delivery day

What if forget to update my subscription meals before the delivery cut off time?

You will receive the same meals as your previous week

Do I have to sign up for a subscription to place an order?

No, you can make your order a one-time delivery or pick up, but you save on your orders when they are set as a subscription

How to cancel?

Log in, go to the subscription tab, and select cancel subscription?
(Subscriptions always cancel one week after the cancellation date)

How do I edit an order/subscription?

Login to your account and select your upcoming order/subscription and select edit  and make order changes  

please note: your delivery will be locked 48 hours before your delivery date

What is the processing fee for?

Our processing fee covers the cost of providing cooler bags to keep your order fresh if your not home for your delivery

Note: In an effort to be Eco Friendly please leave you cooler bag out to be reused on a future order

What days can I get Delivery?


Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday – 9 am - 6 pm

What is the cut off for the next delivery?

The window to place your order for the next available pickup/delivery date is at 12 pm, 48 hours before that delivery date

When does my subscription order get charged?

Charge date is the day you put through your order – you will be updated via text 24 hours before the charge

How do I set my order up as a subscription?

As you are finalizing your order check the subscription checkbox at the top of your order summary page (subscribe and save 5%on every order in addition to getting 5% back as Fresh points to be used on future orders)

What happens if a meal in my subscription is no longer available?

No worries, when we remove any item that is in a subscription plan, we will notify you by text and recommend a replacement item that is similar. You can go with our suggestion or login in and select a different meal.

How long does the food stay fresh?

Our recommended use-by date may vary by menu item but typically meals should be eaten between 3-5 days after delivery

How will my order arrive?

Your order will be left at your front door

What do I do with my cooler bag ?

In an effort to be more Echo Friendly please leave your cooler bag at your front door so it can be recycled

Can I order by phone?

Currently, all orders require you to create an account, and orders only process through our website. If you are having technical difficulties, you can reach our support team through the Contact Us Page.

What happens if I forget to pick up an order?

You will be reminded prior to your pickup date, if you miss a pickup order We will contact you to determine the best option for you to get your meals

What happens if something is missing/incorrect in my order?

Please notify us through our website Contact Us Page and we will contact you to resolve the issue

What if no one is home to receive my delivery?

We will simply leave your order at your front door; we recommend opting into our cooler bag program to keep your meals fresh

Can I walk in and purchase meals without placing an order ahead of time?

No – we cook all meals to order in advance

How do I heat the meals up?

Meals will come with heating instructions – Generally 1-3 minutes in the microwave

please note microwave times may vary

Can I substitute a side?

Currently, we do not offer side substitution. However, we do offer side dishes you can add to your order